The Wayward Victorian World

RP:Any gender or race. Victorian World is bleak and staggered with madness in the asylums and supernatural beings to run amok in the world. Courtesans please customers, whores walk the streets, horrors around every corner! Come one, come all!!!
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 Tora Newest Werewolf Inductee

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PostSubject: Tora Newest Werewolf Inductee   Sat Mar 29, 2014 8:33 pm

Full Character Name: Tora

Band/Industry: Alice Nine


Breed: Tora is a werewolf. He's large with black hair and green eyes in wolf form.

Character Nicknames: None

Age: 32

Date of Birth: October 7

Birthplace: Tokyo

Astrology Sign:

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11"


Sexual Orientation: Gay


Friends: Hibiki, Reita

Likes: Beer, smoking, movies, music, dancing, bass, dubstep, fire spinning, leopard print, tiger print, bdsm, rough, violent sex, sleep

Dislikes: Weakness

Character Abilities: Tora has major control over his changes. He can change, for instance, just his hand into a wolf paw, etc

Character Description:

Tattoo on his back:

He's also accumulated a lot of scars as well as several "hidden" piercings

Character Personality: Tora has an independent spirit that has come from years on his own... He's followed Pack ethic and code his entire life, even when his previous mentor hadn't, so he'd never been considered an issue. Tora is a werewolf that's obsessed with tigers, because of his name. He's a quiet man, preferring to look on in silence than jump in and get involved. He's a good guy but like every one he has his hang ups. He can become easily addicted to whomever is in his life which has led to a life of solitude for, not many people like to deal with that in a man. He loves hard, he's a cool guy with an easy going attitude.

Character Background: Tora was born to werewolf parents. They were both killed in an onslaught on the werewolf world in which werewolves were being killed as mass genocide. Tora survived but not without gathering quite a bit of scars. He has been on his own for a long time but wishes to become part of a Pack mentality for the support, the company and the legality. Packs run things - as a rogue or mutt there isn't much life can offer you.



The time is right I wanna feel it good and tight.
I'm down to do this all night I'm gonna beat it upright.
We're going on a ride I'm gonna turn you inside out upside down
Don't try to run and hide

Yes it's true what they say about my kind.
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PostSubject: Re: Tora Newest Werewolf Inductee   Sat Mar 29, 2014 8:42 pm

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Tora Newest Werewolf Inductee
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