The Wayward Victorian World

RP:Any gender or race. Victorian World is bleak and staggered with madness in the asylums and supernatural beings to run amok in the world. Courtesans please customers, whores walk the streets, horrors around every corner! Come one, come all!!!
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 The Victorian Queen herself, Emilie Autumn

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Emilie Autumn
Emilie Autumn

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PostSubject: The Victorian Queen herself, Emilie Autumn   Wed Mar 26, 2014 1:04 pm

Full Character Name: Emilie Autumn

Band/Industry: Solo

Position: Courtesan in the Brothel

Breed: Part human, part Nymph and part Pari - a faerie born of fire

Character Nicknames: EA, Em

Age: 19

Date of Birth: Nineteen years ago on all hallow's eve

Birthplace: Inside of a now defunct volcano. It is dead, it will never birth another Pari nor will it ever let its lava flow

Astrology Sign:

Gender: Very Female

Height: 4'11"

Weight: 110 pounds

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual


Friends: Hibiki, Masashi,

Likes: fire, sex, anything sexual even watching someone having sex, water, displaying her colorful wings, though they are slightly tattered, food, pastries, tea

Dislikes: Evil beings whom wish to harm her. As a Fae, a Pari, she is often sought out because of what she is and her blood and tears are worth such incredulous amounts of money

Character Abilities: Emilie enjoys sex. She is a rather vocal, addicted, go for hours kind of girl. Which makes her popular. She stays clean in between guests, keeps her room cleaned. She is declared to be Mad with malady but she denies she is because she knows about the Asylum. She can breathe through her nose for an elongated amount of time which, when it comes to oral, it comes in handy. Upon orgasm, the Nymph side of her can send the man into the deepest reaches of pleasure, making him cum at least three times in the matter of seconds, giving him the most amazing orgasm ever.

When she is with females, this is all the same. She can please in such ways that it doesn't matter whom she is with sexually.

Character Description:

Her long reddish flowing locks are always down, reaching her waist, her makeup done, hair wild... She's a gem. She's wild, she's fun, she's crazy and it shows in her appearance. She has a tattoo on her arm showing what cell block and number she had been in in the Asylum. She's one of the lucky ones whom was released and yes it was because she conjured fire and demanded her release.

Character Personality: She's sweet unless taunted. She's not short, she's fun sized. She's spunky, feisty, a lot of fun and enjoyable to be around. She makes friends easily by talk and she's good at what she does and doesn't feel shame about what she does. She embraces her life. At least it's the life she's chosen and not one that was put upon her by someone else.

Character Background: She doesn't remember her early years. She just remembers the last few years. Her memory only goes back to when she was 16 and in the Asylum. She realized her powers when she was eighteen and forced her way out, freeing some slaved girls as she went, their savior. She made friends eventually with a werewolf and a vampire whom had a love/hate relationship as far as being friends go and she has joined them to create a wacky trio.


See others.


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PostSubject: Re: The Victorian Queen herself, Emilie Autumn   Wed Mar 26, 2014 1:57 pm

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The Victorian Queen herself, Emilie Autumn
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