The Wayward Victorian World

RP:Any gender or race. Victorian World is bleak and staggered with madness in the asylums and supernatural beings to run amok in the world. Courtesans please customers, whores walk the streets, horrors around every corner! Come one, come all!!!
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 The Asylum

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PostSubject: The Asylum   Sun Mar 09, 2014 2:10 pm

This is the Asylum.

A long winding road leads to 14 foot tall heavy steel gating, opened only by two guards standing watch to let a horse drawn carriage through, the girl deemed melacholia mad or the male accused of being a ruthless killer inside, watching as they pass through the gates, a castle, broken down, old, looms before, standing tall and foreboding. The carriage stops in front of two large heavy wooden doors with large hanging knockers on them. The doors open once the patient is taken off the coach and led inside, where the walls are rotting, covered in fading, peeling Victorian floral striped wallpaper, stairs leading up to several floors above, on the second floor and up held closed by a gated door and gates to keep the ladies and men from jumping to their deaths over the edges of the railings....

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The Asylum
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